The Best Travel Pillow
The DreamFlights - Developed in Belgium, is quite possibly the best and most comfortable travel headrest in the world.  
The problem of getting to sleep on an aircraft, coach or car has long been a frustrating one and has seen many different types of inflatable travel pillow developed in an attempt to solve this.  

While most travel pillow solutions only offer support for the neck without any assistance for the weight of your head.

This then very often leads to an uncomfortable snooze and a stiff neck afterwards.  

If you are traveling for business, you need to arrive fresh and well rested at your destination.  

So whatever journey you are on, you can be assured that with your Dreamflights, you should arrive well rested and ready to go.
The natural tendency when trying to sleep is to allow the head to fall to the left or right.

 'The Dremflights encourages the user to do just this which lends itself to the most comfortable sleeping position you can get whilst traveling.
Quick to deploy
Your pillow is fixed firmly in your seat
The bracket  quickly accommodate small and thick padded seats.
It can quickly be adjusted and placed on the left or right side of the seat in just about 10 seconds

The dreamflights comes in a small travel bag that you can attach on a trolley.